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Creating a Work/Study Balance

Estate agents are just like other experts – they are top of the field, very busy, and always willing to push themselves to learn more. But we get asked a lot – how is it possible to work full time and study? Finding that balance and keeping your motivation when you’re exhausted can be difficult. Below are some tips to help.


Decide Your End Goal

At Morgan Randall we understand that a goal is an exciting thing to work for, but if you don’t have in mind a solid goal then you have set yourself up to fail. Make sure that you know what sort of training you want and how it will help you in the future. We know that you’re busy and want to help you, but you need realistic goals and to be willing to work hard. In the end, you are the one who is accountable for achieving your goals.


Maximize Your Productivity

Putting in effort is key to make sure that you are productive. Cut out the things that take up your time without giving you anything back. Motivation comes from within and our real estate agents are some of the most motivated in the world. Be willing to put in the effort and study late to achieve your goals. By removing distractions from your life you’ll free up time for what you really want. Working through or studying during lunch is a great way to find time during the day.


Nobody is Perfect

Finding the perfect balance between work and study is difficult. You’ll have to learn from your mistakes when studying and trying to find time to study. By setting time aside each day and blocking it off from other events you can make sure that studying takes priority in your life. If you don’t make studying a priority then it is too easy to do something else. You will have to manage your time the best that you can.


Remember: Knowledge is Power

Our staff should be able to handle themselves at all times. It’s important that you know that the hard work that you’re putting in now will pay off in the end. While it will be difficult and may involve long nights and sacrifices, what you gain in the end will be worth it. Your training will help you in your career and the grit that you show to study while working full time will help you in your career.

Hopefully these ideas will help you feel more confident about your decision to study while working full time. Morgan Randall supports you!