Morgan Randall Agent Academy Productivity Blog

Productivity- Tomorrow Starts Today!

So, you’ve come in first thing on a Monday and you have no idea what you’re going to do first? So if you don’t have a plan of action you go to the one place that feels like work (but really isn’t) your email inbox!

At Morgan Randall we train our sales staff (and all the staff in our other departments as well) to be structured and to follow a daily timetable. When you’re a newbie here you may find this structure and training from your manager on this daily timetable a little strict. However, the question to ask is why we do this? And the answer is: for your benefit!

If you don’t know what you were going to do first thing Monday morning, you are beginning the week with a poor start and we don’t let you have a poor start to the week at Morgan Randall. Our managers (of every department) are trained to make sure you have defined your top two or three most important objectives and blocked time to complete them, so you are NOT in reactive mode.

We’ve had sales people join the company and not follow the structure we give them and they’ve worked ‘really hard’ yet they didn’t do well. Why? well, simply put, they weren’t working ‘smart’! To be a good (or great) Estate Agent in London you have to work smart! Nothing is really gained by applying greater effort to activities that aren’t aligned with your goals and objectives.

The only thing you can do to increase your productivity in a meaningful way is to do the most important work you need to do each day. Being able to do that work is going to require some preparation.

  • First, you are going to have identify your priority. You’ll notice the word “priority” is singular. And yes you may have other priorities but as a sales person we can teach you which one is actually ‘priority’.
  • Second, after you know what you need to do, you have to block time to do that work. At Morgan Randall when we teach you your daily timetable you’ll see that your calendar is a reflection of your priorities.

Most of our great employees we’ve had in the company (present and past) usually get up the earliest in the morning and come into work the earliest as well. Think about it. If you get into work 2 solid hours before everyone else (no one disturbs you at 6am) you have 2 solid hours for your priorities every day. What could you do with 10 hours each week?

You’ll find out what our daily structure is like for your role during your first week induction course within the company.