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Top Study Tips

Studying is enjoyable and entertaining. But most of the time, it is intimidating. What makes it difficult is the inconvenience it can give you depending on your situation. Your environment is a big factor that can determine how far you can go in your study.

In London, many people don’t hesitate to move to another better environment just to get rid of distractions. When they talk to a real estate agent to look for ideal property, they choose a place that is conducive for learning/training/study.

On the other hand, there are still many more factors that affect learning other than environment. Lifestyle is also another common factor that determines whether or not studying is difficult. Nevertheless, here are the top 10 study tips you can follow:

1. Clean Your Surroundings

Before you study, make sure everything is clean. When your room is cluttered with so many things, you might tend to lose your focus.

2. Wake Up Early

When you wake up early, you can prepare for your study ahead of time whether you are planning to go to school or to study at home.

3. Use Laptop Instead of Mobile Device

When you research on the topic you want to study, it is better to use your laptop than your smart phone or tablet.

4. Watch Video Tutorials and Documentaries

Video documentaries and tutorials are good for people who easily get bored when reading for a prolonged period of time.

5. Be Alone

It is a rule of thumb that studying alone can help you easily understand your lesson.

6. Study Before Going to Bed

Although studying during the day is recommended because you have so much energy during such period, studying before going to bed can help you understand difficult topics.

7. Eat Before You Study

Before you go to school or to a training center, make sure you are full. This will give you more energy to digest your lesson.

8. Turn Off Music

If you are studying at home, avoid any noise, so you can concentrate more on your study. But if your are more comfortable with music, make sure it is not too loud to distract you.

9. Avoid Notes

Taking down notes is the lazy way to study. Remember that it is you who are learning and not your notebook. Get your lesson straight to your memory.

10. Have a Break in Between

Avoid information overload as it will only waste what you have learned. Have a few breaks in between topics. A five-minute break will suffice.