ARLA Unit 1: Study Book

You can study towards the qualification in the comfort of your home or in our office with the Academy’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). This means that you can take advantage of flexible learning which can fit into your lifestyle.

The first step in your studies is to download the Unit 1 ARLA Booklet (the attachment on the right) and read, study and learn the material. Remember this is the first out of 4 units that you need to go through.

Our trainers suggestions are that you first read the whole booklet through at least once before going through any of the other helpful tools (i.e. mind maps, flash cards etc.).

Once you have gone through each and every lesson for Unit 1 and think you have a firm grasp on the material you can take the 2 practice exams. You should achieve a mark of over 70% on both online practice exams before booking in your actual Unit 1 ARLA examination.